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Champion drivers aren’t just born - they’re selected, trained, molded and tested. At Limitless Motorsport we hone raw talent to maturity with quality coaching and a true love of the sport. 
Teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship - those are the hallmarks of the Limitless Team. 


Our annual goal for 2022 is to introduce 100 people to our FREE experience days, where people can drive a specially modified race car on different race tracks across the UK and Europe.

Using our Toyota MR2 Cup car we will be entering a disabled driver in the 750 Motor Club MR2 Cup Race Series for 2022.

We have a Rookie program that is designed to instruct and guide drivers to increase their on track skills and develop an understanding of race craft, to assure a high level of safety is achieved, before applying for a race license.


We also have specially modified go-karts for disabled people to hire and hone their skills at the PFI Grantham International race circuit starting in the spring of 2022.

We will be organising a European trip to the World Famous Nurburgring where there will be tours of a race team factory and free passengers rides on the 13mile long Nurburgring Nordschliefe circuit.


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Our Team

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Johnny Dawson-Ellis

CEO and Founder / Instructor / Driver

With a mind for strategy, Johnny Dawson-Ellis looks to make Teamwork and Training key to the success of Limitless Motorsport UK.

Johnny has a strong drive and passion to give disabled people the opportunities to get behind the wheel of a racing car. He firmly believes they we are not limited by our disabilities.

Johnny broke his back in 2009 in a Motorbike accident on the way home from work. It was a severe fracture requiring quite a bit of metal work being used to reconstruct his back. A patient of Stoke Mandeville Hospital (a Specialist Spinal Unit), Johnny kept fit and not long after his accident he raised money for Charity by walking a 1/4 of a mile in special calipers.

This is just a small insight into the drive and determination of Johnny, having previously held a National Race B license, it won't be long before he is out on track, racing his able-bodied peers, and beating them.


Mark Tustain

Team Principle / Driver

A master of online sim racing and expert in building gaming computers ( for the discernible driver that wants to hone their skills in a safe and repeatable platform.

Mark is focused on creating and forging a path for people with disabilities to have a safe, friendly and professional way to access motorsport with like minded individuals.

Mark broke his back in 2009 in a motorbike accident he was taken to Stoke Mandeville spinal unit where he met the charismatic and better looking Johnny Dawson-Ellis, both helped each other to stay positive and motivated throughout their rehabilitation.

Mark recently bought a Toyota MR2 which he is having converted into a cup car to allow him to competitively race in the MR2 Toyo Tyres Championship consisting of 14 races across the UK.

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Our Team
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Justin Wells

Go-Kart Team Manager / Driver

Justin is an army veteran of 18 years and was medically discharged with PTSD which has a side effect of hypersensitivity of the nerve endings in his legs.

Justin has always been a petrol head and loved fast cars, including racing BMW  M3’s while serving in Germany. With the medical issues he had to give it all up and thought his racing days were over. 

Justin started karting with Kartforce and found that the buzz of racing was still there and actually it was what he had been missing. Justin has been karting for a little over a year now and it was at a karting event where he met Limitless CEO and Founder Johnny and they hit it off straightaway. 

Racing gives justin a real buzz which he thought he would never have again, and it is helping with both his mental and physical health.


Ben Smith-Roberts

Team Mechanic

Ben is a serving member of the British Army with 16 years of experience as a driver/mechanic in the Royal Logistics Core.

Ben suffers with Fibromyalgia which affects his mobility and mental health. But this hasn't stopped him as he is now a keen Karter with the charity Kartforce, who he races for, along with Justin Wells. A self confessed petrol head Ben loves all things mechanical.

Karting has been huge for Ben over the last year. He finds that it gives him a release from the strain of his condition, as well as a focus and the ability to once again be part of a team.

Ben hopes to enhance his karting skills and move up to cars throughout 2020, with the goal to be gaining his race license with Limitless.

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Brian Roberts Limitless.jpg

Brian Roberts

Race Driver / Instructor

Brian Roberts is a pioneer for disabled people in the world of motorsport, having overcome many firsts to gain race licences in different categories of racing, he's a great role model for the sport.  Not only that but he can truly pedal an artist behind the wheel with multiple trophies to prove. 

Come meet the team in person at our next Limitless Day, check our Facebook page for regular updates.


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